Build relationships

Foster connections between brands and customers, creating a sense of trust and loyalty.

Raise awareness

Increase visibility and recognition of a brand or product among target audiences.

Increase loyalty

Encourage repeat business and brand advocacy among existing customers.

Establish relevance

Ensure that the brand remains pertinent and meaningful to its target audience.

Encourage interaction & product trial

Promote engagement with the brand and its products through interactive experiences.

Create memories

Leave a lasting impression on customers through memorable experiences or campaigns.

Stimulate positive word of mouth

Encourage customers to share their positive experiences with others, generating organic growth.

Change the mind of dissatisfied customers

Address negative perceptions and turn detractors into satisfied customers.

Create product desire

Cultivate a strong desire for the brand's products among consumers.

Verify the target audience

Ensure that marketing efforts are focused on the right demographics and segments.

Increase return on marketing investment

Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing spend.

Event Management

Plan and execute corporate events, ensuring they align with the brand's objectives.

Corporate event planning

Plan and coordinate corporate events, ensuring they meet the brand's objectives.

Brand Activations

Engage consumers through experiential marketing to drive brand awareness and loyalty.

Exhibitions and Festivals

Participate in industry events to showcase products and connect with potential customers.

Road shows

Traveling events that bring products or services directly to consumers in various locations.

Media Buying and Strategy

Strategically purchase advertising space to reach target audiences effectively.

Event Day Coordination

Manage logistics and operations on the day of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Consultation and Public Relations

Provide strategic advice on brand positioning and manage public relations efforts.

Transport and Car Hire services

Provide transportation services for events or corporate travel needs.

Social Media

Utilize various social media platforms to engage with customers and promote the brand.

Branding and Production

Develop brand identity and produce marketing materials that reflect the brand's values.


Our Core Values

As always, partners grows with you!

Preferred Events Ltd was established in 2008, based in Kampala to take care of Events management. We have acquired a lot of experience over the years, and constantly upgraded our strengths in all areas of event execution and event management. The activities we carry out include: Marketing campaigns, Brand Activation, Road shows, Corporate event planning and management, festivals, Exhibition, Event day coordination, consultation, social media, public Relations as well as provide transport and car hire services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create Great Experiences. To provide innovative and professional marketing and event management services with a focus on quality and detail. We aim to represent the best interests of the client by providing sound advice while keeping a focus on creative and innovative ways to accomplish each goal set forth.

Our Goals

Regional expansion in the field of Events management and developing a strong base of key customers  To build a good reputation in the field of events management, planning and promotions and become a key player in the industry

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Years of Experiences

Why Choose Us

Company Core Value

Operating Ethically and Transparently

We prioritize honesty, integrity, and accountability in all our actions, ensuring that we conduct business in a way that is ethical and transparent to all stakeholders.

Delivering on Time and on Budget

We are committed to delivering our products and services punctually and within the agreed-upon budget, striving to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Improving Ourselves, Our Services, and Our Systems

We constantly seek ways to enhance our skills, offerings, and processes, ensuring that we provide the best possible services and solutions to our clients and customers.

Working Enthusiastically and Creatively

We approach our work with passion, energy, and creativity, fostering an environment where innovation and new ideas flourish.

Remaining Flexible to Changing Conditions

We adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances, remaining agile and responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Perceiving Challenges as Opportunities

We view challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement, embracing them as chances to learn, innovate, and excel.